Healing Sense Bodywork
Heather Kapteyn: Licensed Massage Therapist

What Clients Say

"I have seen many Massage Therapists but you really have the gift of touch.  Thank you so much for your suggestions and insight.  I will be back!" - Massage Client - Business Executive


“I am so glad you started incorporating the Craniosacral Therapy as a combination with Massage.  I love both but it’s hard to take the time sometimes to get both sessions in.  It has been so helpful to me” – Craniosacral – Massage Therapy Combo client – Administrative Healthcare 


“Does Craniosacral help emotions?  I feel so much better after our CST sessions like I am happier and less stressed.” Craniosacral Client – Office Administration


“I tell people about coming to see you for a massage and they say back ‘oh how relaxing’ and I say ‘not really’ but I appreciate all the deep work that you do because you take the pain away” – Therapeutic Massage client – ex military


“I am so glad for CST and being able to come see you.  Since I moved here, I don’t know that many people and I am really sensitive to body work.  Your work helps me so much” – Craniosacral Client – Reiki Practitioner


“I cannot believe how deep I feel the work that you are doing and you are hardly touching me.  It feels so good and it’s so relaxing but it doesn’t hurt.  Thank you so much, I am so glad I found you” -Craniosacral client – Restaurant Server