Healing Sense Bodywork
Heather Kapteyn: Licensed Massage Therapist

Services and Rates

Craniosacral Therapy - 75$                          Bowen Therapeutic Techniques - $65


Relaxation Massage - 60$                            Bowen Tune-up - $30 (30 minutes)


Therapeutic Massage -  $65                          Pre-natal Massage - 65$


Craniosacral/Bowen Hybrid - $65 (60 min +)


Craniosacral/Massage Combo - 90 minute session $95


Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage - 30 minute session 40$


*All Sessions are a standard hour unless otherwise noted.

Relaxation Massage

When most people hear the term “Massage”, their minds often seem to imagine relaxing spa settings with fountains, peaceful music playing and blissfully lying on a comfortable massage table receiving a relaxing “rub down”. This typically reflects a “Relaxation Massage” with the mental imagery accurately reflecting the type of atmosphere but not all the benefits.  While most individuals consider this a luxury reserved for vacations, in our stressful world, relaxation massage (also often called Swedish massage) is an effective therapy for the body and mind inducing much needed anti-stress responses through the parasympathetic system.  Once engaged, the parasympathetic lowers blood pressure, regulates heartbeat, slows down breathing and reduces stress tension.  The gentle kneading of muscles and soft tissue eliminates toxins from the body.  In addition to these benefits, individuals have reported better sleep, less tension and a generally happier state of mind for hours and days after receiving massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Medical Massage are often terms interchanged with one another when describing certain techniques.  While relaxation massage is meant to be just as it sounds, Therapeutic Massage may incorporate some of the relaxing strokes associated with traditional Swedish massage but deeper pressure may be applied to certain areas to relieve soft tissue restrictions. Other techniques could include trigger point therapy, very firm pressure to target areas and cross-fiber friction to mobilize scare tissue.  Deep tissue work can be painful, some bruising and soreness is possible as the pressure required to free up chronic adhesions is sometimes intense.  This type of session or therapy is often prescribed by different professions; Physical Therapists, Rehab & Sports Doctors as well as Chiropractors as manual tissue manipulation can be extremely beneficial for chronic pain and injuries.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy utilizes a very light pressure technique applied to specific areas of the body to release deep restrictions in the body’s Craniosacral system and soft tissue layers.  Like Relaxation massage, Craniosacral Therapy engages the parasympathetic system often leading a client to doze off during a session due to such a deep sense of relaxation.  This can be particularly beneficial for overstressed individual’s that have a difficult time relaxing and falling asleep.  This technique gives them the chance to “check out” for a those precious few moments.  It is documented that muscles have emotional memories and Craniosacral Therapy is very effective in gently releasing these stored emotions in deep layers of soft tissue leading to an overall sense of full-body release allowing clients to feel lighter in mind, body and spirit.

Bowen Therapeutic Techniques

Bowen Therapy utilizes rolling techniques to manipulate muscle, tendon and other soft tissue.  The technique was developed by Tom Bowen in Australia, an Osteopath whom at the end of his career in 1982 was treating 13,000 patients a year. Bowen Treatment can be a wonderful alternative to more invasive manipulations correcting posture and muscle restrictions causing pain.